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Family Law Matters

Most of the time when people need the services of a family solicitor it signifies a very emotional, difficult and uncertain time in their lives. It will be extremely important that you engage the services of a solicitor not only with the necessary legal knowledge but also a solicitor that you can trust, rely upon and relate to. It is very important to us that we provide this very personal service to our clients. We recognise that everyone’s circumstances are different and we will always provide you with honest advice that is right for you.

Divorce/ Dissolution / Separation

Every effort will be made to resolve matters with a view to avoiding court proceedings and the associated expenses. However, should court action be required we are experienced, competent and knowledgeable litigators. Ideally separation matters will be resolved by parties entering into a Separation Agreement, also known as a Minute of Agreement. We are able to advise in relation to all financial matters pertaining to your separation, including matrimonial assets which consist of business interests and pensions. As experienced solicitors in this area we can assist with both contentious and non contentious cases. 

We also deal with civil partnership separations and dissolution. 

We can discuss other options with you, such as mediation, which may assist you in resolving matters. We can also recommend appropriately qualified experts in these areas.

Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial Agreements can be entered into prior to marriage as a means of protecting pre-marriage assets. It will set out ownership of your assets and explain how they will be divided in the event of divorce or separation.

Contact and Residence - Advice/Disputes/Court Orders

We’re able to assist in relation to any matters involving contact with and residence of children.

Mcintosh McCann Family & Civil Solicitors

Adoption & Permanence Orders

We are often instructed by clients whose children are in the care of the Local Authority. If a decision is made by the Local Authority to pursue permanence or adoption in respect of your child or children the Solicitors at McIntosh McCann have the right experience and understanding in dealing with such important and sensitive cases and can help you challenge and oppose this.
Similarly we frequently represent individuals who are seeking to Adopt children who have formerly been in a Local Authority placement

Private Adoption

If you are a separated parent who would like your partner to adopt their child, or if you are thinking about adopting your step-child we can assist in answering any questions you may have and if you decide this is a step you wish to take we can assist you to completing of the adoption process.

Parental Rights and Responsibilities

We can advise you if you have Parental Rights and Responsibilities and explain to you what it means if you have such rights and responsibilities.
We can assist with the granting or removal of Parental Rights and Responsibilities and also any dispute arising in the discharge of those rights.

Relocation and/or School Placement disputes

If a parent wishes to move to a new location and the other parent does not agree to this, this may be a matter that would require to be decided by the court. We can assist you in trying to resolve matters without recourse to the Court but failing which we have significant experience in representing clients at court in relation to this type of matter.

Similarly, if a parent wishes a child to attend a particular school or move a child to a particular school and the other parent does not agree to this we can assist in the same way.

The solicitors at McIntosh McCann are experienced litigators and frequently appear in Courts throughout Scotland including the Sheriff Court and the Court of Session.

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