Child Law Services in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, and the Surrounding Areas

Trust Mcintosh McCann Family & Civil Solicitors to assist with matters pertaining to child law throughout Glasgow, Lanarkshire, and the surrounding areas. With extensive experience in this area, we understand that legal matters relating to children are of the utmost importance and sensitivity, especially in social work cases. We strive to use our expertise to help resolve matters without recourse to the court wherever possible. Get in touch today with any enquiries.

Parents meeting

Parental Rights and Responsibilities

In matters relating to Parental Rights and Responsibilities, our solicitors can advise on and explain all areas pertaining to child law. We will explain what rights you have and what your responsibilities entail. Additionally, we can assist with the granting or removal of Parental Rights and Responsibilities and also any dispute arising in the discharge of those rights.

Relocation and/or School Placement disputes

Parents sometimes disagree on where a child will live or go to school. We provide mediation in relocation or school placement disputes to help resolve matters without requiring a court decision. If this fails, we also have extensive experience representing clients at court in these cases.

Social Worker

Social Work Cases

If social work is involved with your family for any reason, we are here to help. There are several reasons for voluntary or non-voluntary social cases involving children, ranging from the Child Protection Register to the Children’s Hearing System. Whatever your needs, we can advise you of your rights, correspond with the social work department on your behalf, and answer any questions that you may have.

Children’s Hearings and Panels

If your child or children have been referred to the Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration and you require to attend Children’s Hearings or Court Hearings in respect of them, our solicitors can assist by attending these hearings with you. Qualified and experienced in all aspects of child law, we can advise you professionally in matters related to Children’s Hearings and Panels.

Adoption & Permanence Orders

We are often instructed by clients whose children are in the care of the Local Authority. If you wish to challenge and oppose a decision by the Local Authority to pursue permanence or adoption in respect of your child or children, we have the right experience and expertise in dealing with these important and sensitive matters. We also have experience representing individuals who seek to adopt children who have formerly been in a Local Authority placement.

Private Adoption

Adopting a step-child or a partner’s child from another relationship is an important process and we have frequently worked with clients who wish to begin private adoption proceedings. At Mcintosh McCann Family & Civil Solicitors, we will be with you throughout the process, from answering initial questions to finalising the adoption.

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